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Baltique 120cm Square Extending TableBaltique 120cm Square Extending Table
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Baltique 120cm Square Extending Table


This stylish oak square extending table, by one of the best makers in France, can be ordered with any number of extension leaves from 1 to 10.

At 120cm square this superbly made table seats 6 in comfort, 8 at a squeeze, and each extension leaf adds 40cm to the length.

With all 10 leaves the table will extend to an amazing 5.2m, and will seat 18.

With 1 leaf 120/160 x 120cm (seats 8)
With 2 leaves 120/200 x 120cm (seats 8-10)
With 3 leaves 120/240 x 120cm (seats 10)
With 4 leaves 120/280 x 120cm (seats 10-12)
With 5 leaves 120/320 x 120cm (seats 12)
With 6 leaves 120/360 x 120cm (seats 12-14)
With 7 leaves 120/400 x 120cm (seats 14)
With 8 leaves 120/440 x 120cm (seats 14-16)
With 9 leaves 120/480 x 120cm (seats 16)
With 10 leaves 120/520 x 120cm (seats 16-18)

With 4 leaves or more, the table is supplied with the extra support leg which stores inside the table when not in use.

The top and column leg is made using first grade French grown solid oak, which is relatively knot free and has even and consistent grain texture.

The extension leaves are constructed in oak solids and veneers to maximise dimensional stability in the leaf.

The standard finish is Danish Oil, but other finishes are available to special order. The table is also made with a 130cm or 140cm square base size. Please contact us for further information.

Table with 1 leaf seats 8

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Table with 2 leaves seats 8-10

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Table with 3 leaves seats 10

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Table with 4 leaves seats 10-12

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Table with 5 leaves seats 12

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Table with 6 leaves seats 12-14

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Table with 7 leaves seats 14

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Table with 8 leaves seats 14-16

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Table with 9 leaves seats 16

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Table with 10 leaves seats 16-18

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